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Yachthouse Club twin skyscrapers – Brazil

kr16,000.00 eks. Mva

Yachthouse club twin skyscrapers are obstacle, hazard or decoration for mini golf, adventure or crazy golf. Twin skyscrapers are made from steel and zinc coated and painted or can be made of stainless steel.
Yachthouse club skyscrapers are around 97 cm length, 37 cm width and around 140 cm height.

Yachthouse Residence Club twin skyscrapers are in Brazil. Skyscrapers height is 281 m, they have 81 floors and were completed in 2023.


The price for zinc coated and painted twin skyscrapers – kr 16.000
The price for stainless steel twin skyscrapers – kr 18.600

The client can choose the color of the skyscrapers.

Valuta 1 euro = Kr 10,-