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Smart Solar Benk – Solcelle opplading

kr49,800.00 eks. Mva

Technical stainless steel design, trendy equipment for a smart city or village, functional urban furniture.

Designed for: 2 – 3 users
Installation: 1 hour
Dimensions: 1606 x 506 x 500 mm
Weight: 100 kg

Product type: Solar

Function: Solar energy
80 W of solar energy
32 – 55 Ah battery
IP 67 protection
-20/+50 working temperature
min. 120 h function without solar energy
4 x USB charging slots
2 x wireless charger
All-stainless steel construction
Tempered glass

Note: Additional equipment:
LED lighting, RGB
Audio module – remote controlled
Hot-spot WiFi including data analysis
Smog sensor PM 2.5 and PM 10
Remote control

Powder coated verson in RAL     kr 49.800+ mva

Solar bench inox – stanless steel kr 59.800 + mva