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Obstacles/hinder – Sambro Island lighthouse Nova Scotia, Canada

kr14,950.00 eks. Mva

Sambro Island lighthouse is obstacle, hazard or decoration for mini golf, adventure golf, crazy golf courses or garden, coffee bar, restaurant interior or exterior. The lighthouse is made of steel and zinc coated and painted in two colors – red and white. Sambro Island lighthouse is around 160 cm height and 44 cm diameter. Customer can order other colors combinations or lighthouse can be made from stainless steel. Stainless steel lighthouse will be not painted. Customer can order some measurements customization. As option it can be light installed inside the lighthouse.

Sambro Island lighthouse first opened in 1759 in Nova Scotia, Canada and it is oldest survived lighthouse in North America. Lighthouse height is 25 meters.

The price for zinc coated and painted lighthouse is NOK 14.950
The price for stainless steel lighthouse is NOK 18.860