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Castle towers with walls (4 towers and 3 walls)

kr10,400.00 eks. Mva

Castel towers with walls mini golf obstacle, hazard or decoration are made of metal and coated with paint or zinc or are made of stainless steel. One obstacle set consists of 4 towers and 3 walls.

Castle is 20*20 cm floor plan, height around 42 cm. Walls are about 17 cm height. Walls length can be customized.

It is possible to make custom towers and walls.


Price 10.400,- kr  per set (4 towers and 3 walls) – painted.
Price 10.400 kr  per set (4 towers and 3 walls) – zinc coated.
Price 13.200 krper set (4 towers and 3 walls) – Stainless steel.

Valutakurs 1 Euro = Kr 10,-