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Single Legs Press

kr14,800.00 eks. Mva

Single Legs Press – outdoor gym




The device is intended for recreational exercises in the open air for teenagers, adults and seniors over 140 cm.


Training effect: An outdoor gym device for effective training. Exercises performed on the device help to build muscle mass in the lower limbs. It slightly stresses the joints. It helps to improve the proper functioning of the legs. If you do not lean your knees in or out during the exercise, you are stabilizing your knee joints.

How to use: Sit steadily on the saddle and place both legs on the pedals. Straighten your legs against the device and bend your knees again.


Device Category: Muscle Building.

Exercise difficulty: Medium.


Dimensions (length / width / height)

106 x 62 x 215 cm

Safety zone

406 x 362 cm (area 19,0 m²)

Parts of the body






The devices we offer are solid, reliable, resistant to damage and perfectly suited to our weather conditions. They fit perfectly into the development of public spaces, including parks, schools, kindergartens, sports fields, beaches and housing estates.

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