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Hips + Ski Trainer

kr22,100.00 eks. Mva

Hips + Ski Trainer – outdoor gym

OF2-09 + OF2-12


The device is intended for recreational exercises in the open air for teenagers, adults and seniors over 140 cm.


Training effect: Outdoor gym equipment for effective training.

HIPS: Exercises performed on the device are mainly used to stretch and strengthen the inner muscles of the thighs. Regular training can be helpful with unexpected falls, especially in winter on slippery surfaces.

SKI TRAINER: Like the twister, it excellently activates the lower body parts. In addition, it helps to improve the sense of balance and has a relaxing effect. We especially recommend it to ladies.

How to use:

HIPS: Firmly grasp the handles, put both feet on footplates. Extend and pull your legs apart by making a jumping jack move.

SKI TRAINER: Place both feet on the footplates and grasp the handles firmly. Begin to move your legs right and left in a pendulum motion.


Device Category: Muscle Building, Coordination, Stretching.

Exercise difficulty: Easy.


Dimensions (length / width / height)


Safety zone


Parts of the body






The devices we offer are solid, reliable, resistant to damage and perfectly suited to our weather conditions. They fit perfectly into the development of public spaces, including parks, schools, kindergartens, sports fields, beaches and housing estates.

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