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Ice Wolf

Electric ice resurfacing machine “IceWolf”: Power for quality


User-friendly, efficient ice resurfacer for standard ice fields up to 1.800 m².

The ice resurfacer machine IceWolf is available in three different editions, characterized by their different levels of operation comfort, scale of equipment and level of electricity:


What makes the IceWolf special:

  • Electric drive: Emission-free, eco-friendly and cost-saving
  • Strong, maintenance-free A/C motors and high capacity battery
  • Different water tank capacities available
  • Different blade-sizes available
  • Patented fast blade change and auger washout system
  • Ergonomic driver’s platform with hydraulic levers or joystick and display with touch screen
  • Ice boost snow breaker for augers
  • “Solid Ice”: High-end, state-of-the-art water spraying system as optional equipment
  • Ice-, wheel- and snow tank washing system as optional equipment
  • Integrated ice edger as optional equipment for the IceWolf CLASSIC & IceWolf PRO
  • Fully automatic system start for work functions for the IceWolf PRO

IceWolf SMART –The starter-package:
Hydraulic powered augers, 4.3 inch display, operation via hydraulic levers and autonomy for approx. 12 – 18 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

IceWolf CLASSIC – The golden middle:
Electric powered augers, optional ice edger, 7 inch display, operation via hydraulic levers and autonomy for approx. 14 -20 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

IceWolf PRO – The luxurious one:
Electric powered, energy-saving augers, fully automated system start, optional ice edger, 10.4 inch display, operation via proportional joystick and autonomy for approx. 20-25 ice cleanings at 1,800 m².

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