Body Bumper Ball For Kids

kr2,000.00 eks. Mva

Minimum order : 3 pieces

Valuta :Pris omregnet i NOK fra USd . I Usd = 10 NOK

Frakt + mva tilkommer

Advantages of our human sized soccer bubble ball :

1.We use polyether type TPU for bumper balls, the performance is stable and will not become foggy, the

polyester type TPU that most competitors have been using are not stable, it may become foggy in a

short time.

2. Imported miller welding machine which has stable welding temperature, so the balls will not be overwelded

or lesswelded and more durable.

3. Our harness inside the ball is very flexible and you can adjust it at proper position quickly, the shoulder

straps are padded around and it’s comfortable to wear.

4. we use durable buckles, it is not easy to be broken.

Inflated product dimensions:1.45m outer diameter, 1.2mH, 0.41m inner diameter
Panel quantity:6 panels
Price term:EXW, FOB, CFR are optional
Shipment term:by sea, by air, by express are optional
Free of charge accessories:fixing kit(fixing material and glue)
Chargeable accessories:approved air pump
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